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Seidio Innocell 3500mAh Extended Battery

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Windows Phone Seidio Innocell 3500mAh Extended Battery

Product Description

With 130% more power than that standard battery that comes with most Windows Phone, this extended battery from Seidio, will keep you powered up all day.

Even though this battery offers a lot more power, the battery will only extend most Windows Phone by 4-5 mm and your hand will rest comfortably on the battery door which is included.

The door is made from a hard plastic with a smooth rubberized finish, so you will have a better grip of your phone and it will help reduce scratches.

  • 3500mAh - up to 130% more capacity than the original
  • High quality Japanese cells
  • Includes a black extended door with our soft-touch "rubberized" texture to  improve grip
  • Extends the depth of most Windows Phone by only 4-5mm

Expert Review

Seidio 3500mAh Battery for Palm Treo Pro
Reviewed by Malatesta
The Seidio 3500mah battery for the Palm Treo Pro is hands down the mother of all batteries. More than doubling the stock 1500mAh version, it offers unparalleled power and performance for those with an insatiable thirst for WM usage.

In short, I really like this battery!

For the first time with a WM Pro device, I feel like I can unleash everything: WiFi, BT, 3G, GPS and run any app such as a constant-connect IM app, push email, phone calls etc. and not even have to think about power consumption. Itís odd to see after about 5 hours of a moderate usage to still have 91 percent battery left. Throw in the fact that I actually like the size and feel over the stock and this battery is a winner. I keep it on no matter if it is a light day or a heavy one.


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