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PowerMat Home or Office Mat

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Windows Phone PowerMat Home or Office Mat

Product Description

Now there's no need to fumble with messy cords when it comes to charging most Windows Phones!

The PowerMat Home/Office Mat wirelessly charges up to 3 PowerMat-Enabled devices simultaneously.  Works with all PowerMat receivers.

Universal Powercube with 8 Tips is included to enable you to charge hundreds of different devices.


  • Home & Office Mat
  • Universal, International Power Supply (Energy Star Level 5, 100-240) with built-in Cord Management
  • Powercube Universal Receiver with 8 Tips


  • Charging Positions: 4 (3 Wireless, 1 USB Port)
  • Dimensions:  .625" x 12.25" x 4.5625" (HxWxD)
  • Input Voltage:  100-240V AC, 50-60Hz Universal
  • Output Voltage:  18VDC
  • Output Current:  0.83A
  • Standby Current:  0.011A
  • Adapter Power:  15 Watts


  • Many Blackberry
  • Many Motorola Phones
  • Many HTC Phones
  • Many Bluetooth Headsets
  • Many GPS Devices
  • Many LG Phones
  • Many Palm Phones
  • iPhones (All Generations)
  • Many Samsung Phones
  • Works with all Powermat Receivers

Please Note: The new models do NOT come with a USB port on the Powermat

Expert Review

Powermat wireless charger
Reviewed by George Ponder
My wife uses an iPhone, my son a Samsung phone, and I've got HTC, Samsung and Palm (as well as whatever I happen to be reviewing at the time) phones. Add my daughter's Nintendo DS Lite, a few iPod Touches and we begin to run out of electrical outlets and we also have to deal with the spaghetti pile of cords.

In the same boat? If so, Powermat may have a solution to help clean up the clutter numerous chargers present. It will handle up to three devices at once, tying up only one wall outlet.

I liked the Powermat "wireless" charging mat. I'm a multi-device household and to be able to charge every device from one point, with one wall socket being occupied and minimal wires to keep sorted the Powermat is a welcomed addition.

If you are in a similar household, the Powermat is definitely worth looking into. The charging mat comes with one Power Cube and additional Cubes, as well as the device specific fitted charging cubes, can be purchased separately.


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User: Aaron B, Jan 13, 2010
Pros: Wireless, quick charging, well built
Cons: No Zune adapter, requires purchasing special batteries & powercubes for additional devices
I received one of these for Christmas and I love it.

To get the best experience, you need to purchase one of the special batteries for select devices (Blackberry, nDS, etc). When you have a special battery, all you need to do is walk into the room with the powermat, place it on the mat, and it charges.

If you have any of the hundreds of other devices that the "powercube" has attachments for, it gets a little less convenient but still awesome: You place the cube on the powermat, attach whichever attachment you need to the cube, and then plug your device in.

I was let down when I noticed that there is no Zune charger for the powercube, but otherwise all of my other electronics work in some form with the cube via attachments. When I get a newer WM phone, Ill be tracking down and purchasing one of the batteries for it.

Overall, a very cool and useful product!

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