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Motorola HX1 Endeavor Bluetooth Headset

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Windows Phone Motorola HX1 Endeavor Bluetooth Headset

Product Description

The Motorola Endeavor HX1 Bluetooth Headset is made with the same bone conduction technology used by special military forces.  The Stealth Mode uses an in-ear sensor not an external microphone.

This advanced Bluetooth Headset also uses CrystalTalk technology to help reduce background noise of your environments and features Voice Prompts to headset status.


  • Talk Time:  7 hrs
  • Standby Time:  10 Days
  • Bone Conduction Technology
  • Dual Microphone
  • Automatic Volume Adjustment
  • Voice Prompts
  • Bluetooth Version 2.1
  • Range: 33 feet
  • Weight: 13 Grams
  • CrystalTalk Technology

Universal Compatibility: Works with any Bluetooth enabled cellphone or smartphone.

Expert Review

Score 5Score 5Score 5Score 5Score 5 Motorola HX1 Endeavor Bluetooth Headset
Reviewed by Tim Ferrill
Manufacturers of Bluetooth headsets are in an arms race of sorts in an effort to design and build a headset with the most complete noise cancellation possible. Various headsets sporting an assortment of hardware and software solutions have been marketed over the years as offering high end noise reduction and cancellation, but it has never quite been perfected.

Motorola’s latest high-end headset, the HX1 Endeavor, leverages a number of technologies to provide optimal noise cancellation and voice quality in a wide array of situations.

If the Motorola HX1 doesn’t provide the best noise cancellation on the market, it is definitely close to the top of a very short list. This kind of sound quality does come at a hefty premium however. If you require the best sound quality in extreme noise and the price tag doesn't scare you off, the HX1 is the headset for you.


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