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HTC Extended Battery with Door

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Windows Phone HTC Extended Battery with Door

Product Description

HTC uses the latest Lithium Ion technology. This OEM 1800mAh battery will offer most Windows Phone additional talk, text and standby time with very little sacrifice in size or weigh and includes the battery door!

Please note the extended battery may not fit with cases designed for the standard battery because of the added width.

Expert Review

Score 3.75Score 3.75Score 3.75Score 3.75Score 3.75 HTC Extended Battery for AT&T Fuze/Touch Pro
Reviewed by George Ponder
When the HTC Fuze/Touch Pro hit the market, excitement filled the air because of the versatility and features this phone offered. It didn't take long to realized that the stock 1350mah battery was woefully under matched. The Windows Mobile community waited with anticipation as after market, extended life batteries slowly began to appear. HTC has contributed to the "energy crisis" by offering a 1800mah Extended Battery. The plus side is that it provides more gas for your HTC Fuze/Touch Pro. The down side is that it requires an oversized battery door.

I was very surprised how well the HTC 1800mah battery performed. The test period spanned a Friday and Saturday which allowed for a range of usage levels on a single charge. I started the day on Friday with the battery fully charged and at the end of the ten hour day, my battery meter was down to 77%. Saturday was a lighter usage day, starting out with the battery level at 60%. Ten hours later, I would close out Saturday with 35% of the battery life remaining.

Granted this isn't the most scientific test but with the 33% more juice, the HTC Extended battery gives you roughly 72% more life. The stock battery drains to 35% after about ten hours, while the Extended battery took thirty-six hours to get to that point. If the stock battery is struggling to make it to the end of the day, the HTC Extended battery should be able to get you there and then some.


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